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Monopole Telecommunication Tower Design Code,Type and Installation


Monopole Telecommunication


.These specifications refer to general technical requirements for purpose made prefabricated angular, lattice type, self-support towers intended for telecommunications use


:There are different international standards that specify towers according to the following
. Materials e.g. steel structure & locking devices
. Loads e.g. Dead load, wind load and appurtenances
. Tower stress e.g. structure force
.follows the British Standards in general; however, there are some other codes & criteria that are only specific to the use, and are hence used to customize the towers

Monopole Telecommunication



 Three and Four Legged Angular Self Support Monopole Tower

.The specifications for this type of antenna support structures are covered in this document

 Monopole Telecommunication Tower

.Please refer to the Monopole Towers Technical Specification OM/MON/01

Our Work in telecom infrastructure include


We design and do construction of Self Supporting towers, Guy towers and Monopoles –

We carry out Grounding (Earthing) of telecom infrastructures –

We carry out Installation of Safety features in telecom towers (tower lamps at the crown, lifelines etc, painting) –

Construction of shelters installation, technical facilities construction and interior design –

Connection and installation of electrical Generating Set up –

.Installation and connection of optical fibers to antennas –


RF Equipment

Installations of Transmission Equipment

WIMAX Equipment

Power Installations

IT equipments Installation and maintenance

VSAT Installation


Monopole Telecommunication Tower Design Code

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